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A Word From Laylia~

Finding the right teacher for the right time can make all the difference in your education.
Each teacher listed has their own dance and teaching style, thoughts, ideas, and dislikes.
Try them out to see who is the best fit for who you are!

1)  Laylia www.laylia.com
2) Chandara Gamal www.chandaragamal.com/ 
3) Habeeba's School www.habeebas.com/

4) Raks Jahanni www.raksjahanni.com/  
5) Salome-
www.ohiounion.osu.edu/cap 614-239-0580
6) Leyanna- 614-202-8088
7) Sacred Shimmy-
8) Khalida tribe-
9) Aneaj www.hipdrop.com
10) Shakira www.shakirathedancer.com/
11) Raymere snakesrising.com/_wsn/page11.html
12) Arava bdirect@columbus.rr.com
13) Fariba 459-2990
14) Zimra
15) Deanna-
16) crescent moon 614-794-9664
17) Basia & Basheera 614-792-0368





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