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Laylia is a travelling belly dance performer and instructor operating out of Central Ohio.  She enjoys performing in Mexico, Canada, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio...really wherever the dance takes her she will happily Go with a huge smile!   Laylia is known for mesmerizing sword dancing and playful audience interaction (oh yes,  that furry tail!).   She attributes her love of belly dancing and druming to Ohio's best kept secret- Hakan Kaya  &  Colorado's Selayma.  If you get the oppertunity to work with Laylia you will find that a solid background in theater, Percision Dance (Drill team), Ballroom, and hip hop give her a edge in breaking down, and distinguishing movements for students.   

        Laylia started by dancing with Drummer Hakan at weddings, Turkish New Years parties, restaurants, festivals and celebrations across the United States.  She obtained lots of 'live band' experience while on tour (Dancing & playing Bass Dunbek) with the Turkish group Turkana.  A nice suprise she had was the invitation to dance for Nooshafarin's Concert, while the singer was in Columbus . "The entire audience was so welcoming, and they all got up and danced!! It was simply amazing!"

Laylia really loves it when the grandmothers stand on their chairs and dance along with her! Her second love is comedy and she never fails to make the audience smile with her antics.  She has gone so far as to don a cow suit and dance to make the audience laugh!  She even managed to make the cow do amazing hip isolations!   Laylia~ "It is really something when people are just staring, open mouthed, and amazed..... You just have to do something so ridiculous that they snap out of it."

Co-creater and sole contractor of the Naughty Navels belly dancing show featured at the Ohio Reniassance Festival, she has entertained families and made show goers laugh since 1997. "You can't help but smile, no matter how hard you have danced, when a little child timidly comes up to show you the finger cymbals they begged their mother to get, and then gives you a hug."

        While teaching seminars out of state and trying to master different styles of Belly Dance, she goes crazy over new teaching techniques."I like being full of suprises! That way I never get bored."  "Sometimes I wake up and I have just dreamed of evil new coordination exercises that make every single one of my toes wiggle.  I know it is going to be a fabulous new day!"

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