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Metamorphosis Show

Metamorphosis Shows are a Collaboration of Laylia's Students including independent local dancers specializing in indoor and stage venues . They come together to present different personalities and skills of the dance ranging in skill level from beginner to professional. 

In one 5 minute show they do a delicate weaving of Group Choreographies, Choreographed Solos and improvisational dance! Hilarious and challenging, the shows are not to be missed!

Artistic Director: Laylia

Upcoming Events


Salome Spring Show Oct 8th 2006

Saffron, Sofia Saharr, Dharma and Laylia came together to present Patchwork Sands.  Each wearing a different style of costume and 2 soloing to tribal, then 2 soloing to Indiahop.  In less than a week the girls had their solos together and aced their transitions from one dancer to the next.  Dharma modified a solo she had learned, Sofia tried a new style of cab dancing, and Saffron switched up too....   "It is such a pleasure working with these talented dancers!  You explain why you want something and they jump right up to the challange.." ~Laylia

Capital University June 25th 2006

Laylia's school was featured in a 'Two Left Feet' show during Comfest weekend. The students came together in a few rehearsals to really put on a nice show! The first year for this event, they were invited to return for next year. Laylia was invited to perform in the evening Pro-international dance show for next year including an amazing african drum/dance group and more! Keep your eyes peeled for the details. Dancers: Lael, Inari, Deedrah, Kittia. Debut Dancer: Angelique. Soloists Lael (folkish), Inari (Votives) and Kittia (isolations). Thank you to Lael for making such a beautiful belly dance display and public speaking on the school's behalf...

                                                     Back~ Lael , Inari  ,Deedrah  Front ~ Kittia, Angelique

(left)      Cast:  Back Row: Lael , Inari  ,Deedrah   FrontRow:Kittia, Angelique

(middle) Laylia and Lael (Educator and Display Designer)

(right) Laylia enjoying one of the other troupes!


Wiporwil's Extravaganza May 27th 2006

Dancers  from Laylia's School made the loooong drive to upper Alabama for performance and study!  Laylia enjoyed teaching along side Mesmera and Aziza Newal for 3 entense days of seminars and shows! "Lots of dancers came down from Tenn and we even saw Stella from Ohio who is a long time friend and fan of Mesmera!" The shows turned out great! And again, in just a few rehearsals the girls did a bang-em up job!  The ladies totally had fun with Mesmera while taking her to the Tenn Airport!  Dancers: Inari, Deedrah, Kittia, Laylia All did solo improve and choreography! 

Video: Xenia at the Saturday Night performance for Wiporwil's Bellydance Extravaganza '06


Zenobia & Inari


Salome Spring Show April 22nd 2006

With a suprise start the ladies took the stage, and really rocked it out!  All the solo's went really well!!   Even our newest dancers Babs and April rocked it out!  Sofia Saharr's solo with floor work was great!


To invite/Book Metamorphosis for your event  e-mail Laylia@Laylia.com

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